Application: Mainly used in superstore, apparel & boutique store, shoes store and luxury store

Frequency: 860 – 960 MHz

Colour: Black, White or Customized

Pin Length: 0.63/0.75″ (1.6/1.9 cm/Customized)

RFID Protocol: EPC C1G2

Chip Type: Monza 4 or Customized

EPC Storage Space: 96 – 128 Bits

User Storage Space: 0 – 512 Bits

RFID Reading Distance: <1m

Material: ABS

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This RFID round pin can replace the regular steel pin. Each pin has a unique ID, combining the RFID technology with EAS tags. RFID pin is able to operate anti-theft functions, and manage inventory at the same time.

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