RF Label – Round 30mm

Application: Mainly used in cosmetic store, pharmacy, apparel store, boutique, hardware & tools store and superstore

Frequency: 8.2 MHz

Type: Barcode/White/Transparent/Customized

Unit Dimension: Ø1.18″ (Ø 3 cm)

Thickness: 0.01″ (0.23 mm)

Deactivation: Being deactivated at the point-of-sale by a deactivator

Packaging Details: 1000 pcs/roll

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In general, EAS labels can be applied to boxed merchandise, books, packaged and sealed merchandise, etc. The 8.2 MHz frequency (RF) and 58 KHz frequency (AM) are the most popular Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) frequencies, which are used in the retail anti-theft industry to prevent shoplifting. Labels can be deactivated on the occasion of sales by a special-made deactivator. RF and AM labels are generally used in retail stores. EM labels are commonly used in book stores and libraries.

Additional information

Weight 7.0 kg
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 19 cm

20,000 pcs/case

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