ESL Base Station

Application: Used in all types of retail stores for ESL Base control and operation

Colour: Black and White

System: Be able to support format text, Excel files, data intermediate table, customized development and other methods

Communication Interaction: Two-way communication and real-time interaction

Display Templates: Customizable templates and pictures, and also support for dot matrix

Coverage Distance: 15 m

Working Frequency: 433MHz (Radio Frequency)

Success Rate: 100%

Display Update Rate: 30 minutes/30,000 ESL tags

Working Temperature: 0 ℃ ~40 ℃ / -25 ℃~15 ℃

Unit Dimension (W x H x D): 120 x 120 x 30 mm

Working Humidity:  ≤ 75%

Battery Life Time: 5 years (Battery can be replaceable)


The ESL base station (AP Station) is an important information hub, which is used to connect between the server and tag terminal. The station receives the instructions of tag screen update and display data from the server via netting twine. Then the signal goes through the wireless mode to transmit updated information to the tag terminal, refreshing the displaying information of ESL tags.

Additional information

AP base station characteristics

International radio frequency (RF) scheme is based on communication protocol, covering the major countries and regions in the world.
The communication scheme has the great advantages of fast response, stable, reliable, low power consumption. Moreover,
strong anti-interference and wide coverage, which are suitable for the terminal nodes and more complex retail scenarios.

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