EM System #01

Application: Mainly used in library, book store and cosmetic store

Colour: As shown

Unit Dimension: 58.27 x 21.26 x 1.57″ (148 x 54 x 4 cm)

Detection Performance:

Height: 170 cm

Width:  80 cm

Material: MDF and Advanced Resin Glass

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Our tags, labels and safers can perfectly activate the alarm of antenna located at the doors.

  • Medium-density fiberboard and resin glass combination design with flow linear shape and efficient signaling.
  • Meet the standard requirement of the disabled barrier free access.
  • Blending with surroundings, easy operation, low cost. With ability of anti-electronic interference and resistance to aluminum foil block and tinfoil block.


Packing Details

Weight: 34 kg/case,

Dimensions: 151 x 62 x 18 cm

Controller case

Weight: 6.5 kg/case,

Dimensions: 43 x 33 x 32 cm

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